Las Vegas Casino Hotels as Family Spot



The typical family vacation place for American families would be the trailer park or a trip to Disney Land. The budget is often not enough to take expensive trips out to tropical islands or to venture out to the European cities with a lot of ancient culture. Many families also think that a vacation to Las Vegas casino hotels is not the right thing for the whole family because Las Vegas has the reputation of a sin city, but we are telling you that there are indeed many family spots in Las Vegas that you can visit for any budget.

One of the most affordable family casino hotels in Las Vegas is the Circus Circus casino hotel. This hotel has beside a casino for the adults, an adventure dome for the whole family and the kids. This adventure dome features all kinds of rides from huge rollercoaster’s to children rides, everything and every taste is represented. The Circus Circus also offers rooms and suites that start around $60 a night, which is very affordable. The Circus Circus casino hotel in Las Vegas also has a trailer park which is ideal for travelling families who would just like to stay in their trailer instead of the casino hotel room.

The next great place to bring your whole family is the Treasure Island casino hotel. The name itself already promises adventure and this is what you and your whole family will get. The Treasure Island casino hotel in Las Vegas is full of adventure shows out of which one show can be seen free in the Buccaneers Bay outside the casino hotel. The casino hotel also features a Cirque du Soleil production and entertaining facilities. The rooms also come affordable at a range around $60 up to $100 a night for the simple family rooms.

If you are travelling with your family in style to Las Vegas, then you should go and visit the new Wynn resort and casino hotel. This giant has the most luxurious rooms and facilities and even comes with a huge shopping mall where you can find fashion’s most desirable names such as Chanel or Christian Dior. The rooms and suites do not come cheaply and the service is formidable. The huge resort promises plenty of outdoor activities including golf and other sports.

If you have not decided yet on which casino hotel to pick in Las Vegas, but you definitely want to visit Las Vegas anyway, then you can just take the next domestic flight for around $100 to $200 or take your trailer or car which will cost you gas and the driving hour of 4 hours if you are coming from Los Angeles and above if you are from the other coast. Las Vegas offers a variety of family hot spots so you can also venture out yourself and find one, or simply pick one of the casino hotels above to maximize your Las Vegas stay.

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